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Hoof Wraps Soaker Kit

It can be difficult to soak a horse’s hoof, especially if he likes to fidget with buckets and soaking treatments. We know how frustrating it can be, to put all that time and effort into applying the soaking treatment, only to have your horse undo all your efforts the second you turn your back.  The old way of soaking meant that you could be tied up for a while watching over your horse, when you could be getting other things done. With Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker, you can apply the soaker, fill it with your soaking medication of choice, and get back to your chores. 

Equine Soaking and Icing Treatments Made Easy

Our professional grade horse hoof soaking boots are made with a thick shell of ballistic nylon and a coated nylon liner.

Each Hoof Wraps Soaker:

  • is lightweight and collapsible
  • can fit hoof sizes up to 6” in diameter
  • has 3 fastening points for a more precise and snugger fit on the hoof
  • comes with two EVA foam pads and an extra strap for your convenience. 
Equine hoof soaking treatments are an ideal way to treat abscess, thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease.

Hoof Wraps Bandage

Hoof Wraps Bandages were specifically designed with your horse’s comfort and your convenience in mind. Hoof Wraps can be safely used for common hoof care such as abscess, thrush, and stone bruise and can also be used for protection after shoe loss. When circumstances allow, you can treat or protect you horse and still allow them their freedom. It is a multi-use, multi-purpose bandage that is made with high quality, durable material so it stays on your horse and quickens healing.

  • Size - Hoof Wraps comes in one size that you can customize to your horse’s hoof. The unique design allows the bandage to fit most standard horses with a hoof diameter between 4" to 5.5", which includes roughly 80% of all horses in America.
  • Durability - Hoof Wraps is made with 1600 denier ballistic nylon and reinforced with industrial stitching, so it's tough and stays on. You can reuse the bandage for several days up to 2 weeks or longer, depending on the horse and the conditions. It is machine washable and durable enough to use as back up hoof protection when your horse loses a shoe. 
  • Turnout - Hoof Wraps were designed especially for horses on turn out. The bandage includes a ½ inch EVA foam pad that helps relieve pain and pressure on the hoof, so your horse can move freely.
  • Ease of Use - Our step by step numbering system is printed directly on the bandage, so applying it on your horse is stress free and easy to understand. The bandage can be quickly removed, cleaned, and reapplied.

Hoof Wraps Soaker Sacks

For years, horse vets have used empty IV bags as a makeshift solution for soaking hooves.  We took the concept and improved on it.  Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker Sacks offer another down and dirty solution for everyday hoof care. They're made with a heavy 12 mil thick soft vinyl material and include EZ straps and one of our general purpose pads.  EZ straps have industrial grade hook on one side and loop on the other so they attach to themselves for easy application.

Each kit contains 2 Soaker Sacks, 2 EZ straps and 1 EVA foam pad.  Soaker Sacks are 18" tall X 12" wide so they'll fit most hoof sizes.  They can be used for soaking or icing treatments.   Use as a standalone soaking solution or use them as a protective liner with the original Hoof Wraps Brand Soaker
for longer life and easy clean up.


Equine hoof soaking treatments are an ideal way to treat abscess, thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease.


Hoof Wraps Gel Pad

Horse’s hooves are subject to untold amounts of stress and damage.  We teamed up with the industry leader in gel technology and developed a gel pad specifically for horse hoof care. Our innovative gel pads are durable, absorb shock, and provide comfort and support where your horse needs it most. Unique and made with scientifically advanced, industrial grade materials, Hoof Wraps Gel Pads are unlike any other hoof pad you have seen before. 
Hoof Wraps Gel Pads are infused with Jojoba and Tea Tree oils, which are naturally antibacterial. This is ideal for soothing your horse’s hoof and helping to fight bacterial infection.  Our gel pad is 3/8" thick and 5 3/4" diameter, so you can be sure that it can provide ample support for the entire hoof.

Hoof Wraps Replacement Pads

Hoof Wraps Replacement Pads. These general purpose pads are great for treating hoof abscess and thrush because the EVA foam condenses to form a pocket for medication and still allow for comfort and protection. You'll appreciate having a few extra pads, especially if you're medicating a hoof.

Order Includes: Two replacement pads. EVA foam, 1/2 inch thick x 5 3/4 in diameter.

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