How to Use the Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Soaker
As Seen on Elisa Wallace’s Vlog: “How to Soak”


If you want to learn the how’s and why’s of soaking the horse’s hoof, we have a video for you!

Our own Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Soaker is featured on Elisa Wallace’s Vlog–“How to Soak.”

Elisa Wallace is a professional 3-Day Eventing rider who is well known for her work with Off Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) and American mustangs.

In this unsolicited testimonial, Elisa uses the Equine Soaker on Gamble, an OTTB she recently acquired at the racetrack. Elisa is overseeing his care with the hopes of giving him a successful career as a sport horse since racing was not for him.

Elisa reports that Gamble has “sore feet” and is using a soak to ease his discomfort. The use of Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Soakers is a great way to help ease the soreness in the hooves of OTTBs transitioning to a new career after the track. (Incidentally, Gamble’s Jockey Club name is “Play Big,” very appropriate, don’t you think?)

For her soaking regimen, Elisa is using a combination of warm water and Epsom salt in her Equine Soaker.


Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Soaker

Check out the full video in her Vlog below:

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