How to Use the Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Hoof Bandage

If you want to learn the how’s and why’s of applying the equine hoof bandage, we have a step by step guide and a video for you!
Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Soaker 

Step by Step to Using the Equine Hoof Bandage

  • Place the pad in the center of the bandage. OR secure with Tack Wrap or similar flex wrap if desired)
  • Start with tab 1 (lower left) on back of hoof
  • Secure tab 2 (lower right) to tab 1
  • Secure tab 3 (front left) to tab 1
  • Secure tab 4 (front right) to tabs 3 and 2
  • Pull front tab 5 to back and secure
  • Pull back tab 6 to front and secure
  • Check bandage as needed

Benefits of Using the Equine Hoof Bandage

The bandage can be safely used for common hoof care such as abscesses, thrush and for hoof bruises or shoe loss.

Tips When Using the Equine Hoof Bandage:

  • Clean hoof thoroughly
  • Optional: Apply treatment (if needed).
Check out the full video:

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