As Seen on Elisa Wallace’s Vlog: How to Soak

As Seen on Elisa Wallace’s Vlog: How to Soak

How to Use the Hoof Wraps Brand Equine Soaker As Seen on Elisa Wallace’s Vlog: “How to Soak”   If you want to learn the how’s and why’s of soaking the horse’s hoof, we have a video for you! Our own Hoof Wraps Brand Equine...

The Hoof Wraps Soaker Sack – How and Why!

How to use the Hoof Wraps Soaker Sack It’s almost inevitable that at some point, your horse will need his hooves soaked or iced.  Common reasons for soaking a horse’s hoof include an abscess, white line treatment, or even icing for hoof bruises or...

Top 10 Hoof Care Tips

No hoof, no horse!  Keep your horse’s hooves happy, healthy, and comfortable by using these 10 hoof care tips.  1.  Pick hooves daily – better still, more than once a day!  Before and after riding, before and after turnouts. The reasons are...

The Hoof Care Kit – What Every Horse Owner Needs

There are plenty of times that horses will send us into a panic with what could be an emergency.  Our trouble doubles when those situations involve the hoof, simply because so much of our horse’s health resides (literally) on his hooves.   A simple Vet Kit...

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