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Hoof Wraps Bandages were specifically designed with your horse’s comfort and your convenience in mind. Hoof Wraps can be safely used for common hoof care such as abscess, thrush, and stone bruise and can also be used for protection after shoe loss. When circumstances allow, you can treat or protect you horse and still allow them their freedom. It is a multi-use, multi-purpose bandage that is made with high quality, durable material so it stays on your horse and quickens healing. 
Size - Hoof Wraps comes in one size that you can customize to your horse’s hoof. The unique design allows the bandage to fit most standard horses with a hoof diameter between 4" to 5.5", which includes roughly 80% of all horses in America.
Durability - Hoof Wraps is made with 1600 denier ballistic nylon and reinforced with industrial stitching, so it's tough and stays on. You can reuse the bandage for several days up to 2 weeks or longer, depending on the horse and the conditions. It is machine washable and durable enough to use as back up hoof protection when your horse loses a shoe.   
Turnout - Hoof Wraps were designed especially for horses on turn out. The bandage includes a ½ inch EVA foam pad that helps relieve pain and pressure on the hoof, so your horse can move freely.
Ease of Use - Our step by step numbering system is printed directly on the bandage, so applying it on your horse is stress free and easy to understand. The bandage can be quickly removed, cleaned, and reapplied.
100% Money Back Guarantee - Hoof Wraps makes life easier for you and your horse, guaranteed! If you're not satisfied for any reason just let us know and we can exchange the item or refund you your money. See why Hoof Wraps is the preferred brand for horse hoof care by veterinarians and horse owners across America…at no risk to you!


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Hoof Wraps Brand
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 5 reviews
by Ami Aiuto on Hoof Wraps Brand
Effective and easy to use!

Phenomenal product with many uses. The best feature is how easy to use the wrap is and it is also durable!

by Ashley Moniz on Hoof Wraps Brand
Great for abscesses

Decided to try these hoof wraps when my mare had reoccurring abscesses due to a keratoma. They worked great. The velcro did eventually give out but I was able to get many uses out of them.

by Adrienne, Peralta, NM on Hoof Wraps Brand

Your bandages are the best product I’ve ever used. I have an older gelding who abscesses several times a year. I’d be lost without them. Thank you for your product.

by Katie, Second Chance Ranch on Hoof Wraps Brand

Finally! A comprehensive hoof care package! There isn’t any equestrian who couldn’t benefit from this product. Before this I constructed my own version, which was frustrating and often ineffective. The materials in your product are unbeatable. Second Chance Ranch assists nearly 100 off the track Thoroughbreds each year through rehabilitation and transitioning. The first thing we do is to pull their shoes and put the Hoof Wraps Bandage on—like kicking off your shoes and putting on slippers! This helps us prepare the foot for a different kind of shoeing, for a different job. Hoof prep time has been drastically cut thanks to Hoof Wraps. They work great for founder, abscesses or arena work for tender feet without shoes.

by Rodney, Wichita Falls, Texas on Hoof Wraps Brand

I want to thank you for such an awesome product. On our first ride out my gelding stepped on a mesquite thorn. Super concerned, I immediately removed the shoe and started poulticing his foot. He wore through the diapers and duct tape super fast. I had made a homemade boot but didn’t like the bulk. After some research, I found your wrap. I am completely in love! We will be keeping these in the tack room for occasions just like this.

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